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David Fingerhut, Woodwind Repairs

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Used Woodwind Instruments for Sale


All the instruments which I offer for sale have been put into good playing order by myself. The condition describes the appearance of the instrument, not how they play.


Ring 020 8958 5025 for more information.

Instrument Make Model Serial Number Condition
Alto sax mouthpiece Link Babbitt 5* N/A N/A Fair £65
Alto sax mouthpiece Pillinger Bronzite NYA 6M N/A Good £135
Alto saxophone Conn 6M 1933 Standard Underslung M259745A Relacquered - very good £1,500 Ref. Mike H./Niki
Alto saxophone Selmer S80 Mark 2 N536844 Very good £2,400
Alto saxophone Selmer Mark 6 - silver plated M61717 Very good £5,200
Bass clarinet Buffet Prestige 23429 Excellent £4,600
Bassoon Fox 4 5107 Good £3,000
Bb clarinet Buffet R13 570162 Very good £1,450
Bb clarinet (no mouthpiece) Buffet Evette and Schaeffer K65169 Good £490
Clarinet in A with double case Selmer Odyssee F03468 Excellent £1,900
Clarinet mouthpiece Vandoren 5RV Lyre 13 Profile 88 N/A Very good £68
Clarinet mouthpiece Clark W Forbes Cicero N/A Good £190
Clarinet mouthpiece, cap and lig. Hite 121-D N/A Fair £58
Clarinets, Bb + A Leblanc With extra articulated keys Bb 52194. A 25490 Good £2,000
Cor anglais Marigaux Dual system 4438 Quite good £4,500
Double clarinet case Soundwear N/A N/A Good £60
Double clarinet case with outer cover Buffet N/A N/A Good £60
Eb clarinet mouthpiece Vandoren 5RV N/A New, with cap and lig £75
Leather outer carrying case for flute & piccolo N/A N/A N/A Good £40
Oboe Loree N/A VV88 Fair £750
Oboe Ward & Winterbourn TW1 616 Very good £550
Oboe Buffet Student 12236 Excellent £800
Oboe Selmer Bundy B34305 Very Good £749
Oboe Howarth B 0447B Excellent £869
Oboe Howarth B 0756B Excellent £869
Oboe Rigoutat Classic Professional 411AB Excellent £2,999
Oboe Howarth S2 4610 Very good £1650
Oboe Schreiber Student 4048 Good £630
Oboe Bundy wood Student, thumbplate+conservatoire B29755 Good £600
Oboe Da Vinci Pro 120108 Excellent £1050
Oboe Puchner Conservatoire 2006 Fair £2,500
Oboe Ward & Winterbourn TW5 1612 Excellent £1,000
Oboe Marigaux 901 16243 Good £2,500
Oboe Marigaux 901 38784 Excellent £4,500
Oboe case N/A N/A N/A Fair/good £30
Soft Alto Sax Case N/A N/A N/A Good £25
Soprano sax - curved Yanigasawa 992 bronze 301596 Excellent £2,400
Soprano sax. Selmer S80 Mark 2 N452432 Good £2,300
Soprano saxophone Yanigisawa 9030 solid silver 285324 Very good £3,800
Tenor sax case Bam High Tech N/A As new £280
Tenor sax. metal mouthpiece Yanagisawa N/A N/A As new £175