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David Fingerhut, Woodwind Repairs

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Used Woodwind Instruments for Sale


All the instruments which I offer for sale have been put into good playing order by myself. The condition describes the appearance of the instrument, not how they play.


Ring 020 8958 5025 for more information.

Instrument Make Model
Serial Number
Flute & Picc leather outer carrying case N/A Fl+Picc leather outer carrying case N/A Good £40
Bb Clarinet Yamaha Clarinet Yamaha YCL64 + 5RV Mouthpiece 1757 Very Good £900
A Clarinet Selmer Odyssée P03468 Excellent £1,650
Bb Clarinet mouthpiece Vandoren 5RV Lyre 13 Profile 88 N/A Very good £68
Bb Clarinet mouthpiece Clark W Forbes Cicero N/A Good £190
Bb Clarinet mouthpiece, cap & ligature Hite 121-D N/A Fair £58
Eb Clarinet mouthpiece Vandoren 5RV N/A New, with cap and lig £75
Clarinets, Bb + A Leblanc With extra articulated keys Bb 52194. A 25490 Good £2,000
Clarinets, Bb + A Buffet Pair of RC Prestiges Bb 459274, A 580690 Bb Fair/ A Fair-Good £3,600
Clarinets, Bb + A *includes double case* Boosey & Hawkes 1010 Bb 498595, A 498635 Good £1,600
Clarinet double Bb/A case Soundwear Double Bb/A case N/A Good £60
Clarinet double Bb/A case Buffet Double Bb/A case   Good condition £70
Clarinet double Bb/A case Pro Tec Double Bb/A case   Very Good £75
Clarinet single Bb case Buffet Single Bb case N/A Solid but worn £45
Soprano Saxophone Canonball Straight S5-B 159944 Very Good £1,700
Soprano Saxophone - curved Yanagisawa 992 bronze 301596 Excellent £2,400
Alto Saxophone Conn 6M 1933 Standard Underslung M259745A Relacquered - very good Ref. Mike H./Niki £1,500
Alto Saxophone mouthpiece Link Babbitt 5* N/A N/A Fair £65
Alto Saxophone mouthpiece Pillinger Bronzite NYA 6M N/A Good £135
Alto Saxophone Soft Case Jean Cavallaro N/A N/A Good £25
Oboe Howarth Model B 9051 Lovely tone, plating fair £240
Oboe Howarth B 9792 Fairly Good £250
Oboe Lorée Dual System (Conservatoire + TP), Semi-Auto, Twin Trills, LH/F CU08 Good £2,300
Oboe Noblet Open Hole, Semi-Auto, Twin Trills 10295 Good £380
Oboe Selmer Bundy B34305 Very Good £749
Oboe Da Vinci Pro 120108 Excellent £850
Oboe Howarth S2 2097 Fair £1,400
Oboe Püchner Conservatoire (can be modified to thumplate system with conservatoire) 2006 Fair £1,400
Oboe Howarth S45c +TP G0458 Excellent £2,999
Cor Anglais Howarth S20c +TP H995 Excellent £3,699