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Gareth Hulse & Katie Clemmow

London Mozart Players

We can thoroughly recommend David Fingerhut to repair and maintain your woodwind instrument. He has been looking after our oboes for some years now, he is caring and friendly, and his work is excellent and very reasonably priced. If you can stand the terrible jokes then a trip to the new workshop at the bottom of his garden will be very worthwhile!

Paul Harris

An absolute magician !

Victoria Soames Samek

Artistic Director - Clarinet Classics

In the early 70s as a young student, when I bought my first professional B&H 1010 clarinets, I forged a wonderful relationship with Geoffery Acton at the B&H factory who continued to look after my clarinets long after my time at the Royal College of Music. What was totally wonderful about him is that however small my concern was, be it a buzz or a key that did not feel quite right he used to say " if you can hear it or feel it, it must be there". When he became too unwell to do any further work, I never thought I would find another person like him. From my first visit to David, I knew that I had found another repairer who had the same wonderful consideration. I am not a player who understands or indeed is interested in the workings of my clarinet until something goes wrong....then I want to know everything about the implications of what has happened, what can be done or not. David involves me in every part of the process. He encourages me to try any small changes he makes, always explaining what he has done and why. It is important to put aside time for David as he wants to do the best job and best jobs can not be rushed,. However he is always there for emergencies as in a recent 4 day recording when my top joint cork went. An SOS phone call to David had me at the local chemist getting waxed dental floss. I would never have thought of it! But David's calm and humorous tone turned my fear into gratitude to have such a repairer and friend.

Christine Pendrill

Cor Anglais, LSO

David has looked after my instruments for many years and I trust him with them completely. He is always sympathetic to the wishes and needs of individual players, tailoring his work to their particular preferences. His workmanship is first class - which is more than can be said for his jokes!


Nick Rodwell

David has been looking after my instruments for many years. His work has always been excellent and he has always been willing to acommodate my requirements and to find a way of implementing them. He has always been willing to sort out instrumental emergencies ,often at considerable cost to himself. I am very happy to recommend his excellent work.


Andy Findon

Throughout my professional career, I have relied upon David Fingerhut's skill and ingenuity to keep all my instruments in good nick. I know there are some "bêtes noires" in my collection but I'm rarely disappointed on a completed repair. He's always prepared to re-visit any work to get it just right. His toleration for my personal foibles have included work such as adding keys to giant bamboo flutes and completely re-designing the keywork on a baritone sax to accommodate a change in crook angle. He's never let me down in those emergencies which we all come up against, like "banana-ing" a bass flute in a metal safety door! "Top-notch work at very reasonable prices!"

Susan Frankel

I would definitely recommend David Fingerhut as a woodwind instrument technician and repairer. A couple of years ago I fell in love with, and just had to buy, a lovely old bassoon, which had unfortunately been very badly treated by its previous owner. David carried out all the arduous work of stripping the keywork, preparing it for re-plating and then completely rebuilding the instrument for me. It is now my pride and joy, a delight to look at as well as to play on. Yes, his jokes are terrible but he makes a nice cup of tea.


Theo Travis

When my flutes or saxophones are not working correctly or need looking at, David is the first person I call. His craftsmanship is excellent and his service is friendly, efficient and affordable ! I would recommend him most highly.

Shea Lolin

I have always looked after my clarinets to the best of my ability, taking every precaution to avoid accidents. However in the autumn of 2012, I accidentally dropped my Bb Clarinet during a gig and badly bent back my left hand B key. My choice of repairer has always been John Coppen (London Bridge) but as he had moved out to Spain, I had to very quickly make a decision about where to take my instrument both for an emergency repair and for more detailed servicing.


I chose David Fingerhut and I am really thrilled with his work. He turned around a complete overhaul of my pair of clarinets in just a few working days and kept in touch whilst doing this work as to the level of adjustments and choice of materials.


I fully recommend David as an instrument repairer. I was also surprised at his very competitive rates.

Noel Taylor

It's not only top professionals who benefit from a trip to David Fingerhut's workshop. I'm one of the many active musicians who couldn't make a living through music, but nevertheless I want my instrument to function perfectly. David is the man. There can be adjustment problems after any major work on something as delicate and complex as a wind instrument. Whilst I've never had such a problem with David's work, I know that were I to have even the smallest amount of dissatisfaction, David would consider it part of his orginal job to complete the work to the point where I was satisfied. You might think that such a dedicated approach would only come at frightful expense - not at all.


Joe Leader – Saxophonist

As a Smooth Jazz saxophonist with two very special custom and vintage horns, I have extremely high standards for their care and maintenance.

I have to say that David Fingerhut is simply the finest repairer I have ever known, in over 15 years of professional performing.His unparalleled expertise is surpassed only by the loving care and attention he shows his clients and their instruments.



Gyrid Erlandsen


Co. Principal Clarinet, Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, Norway

I have known David since I lived in England for a short while, over 20 years ago. David welcomed me to his workshop with a cup of tea and with his lovely sense of humour and, as he has done ever since, did a perfect job overhauling and adjusting my clarinets.

David has an uncanny way of knowing exactly how I want my instruments to sound and feel. Taking final adjustments in his usual friendly, relaxed way when I come to pick them up. A few jokes and cups of tea later he hands me a clarinet.

"Is this what you wanted?"
It always is!


My colleagues remark how good the instruments sound after a visit to David and I love how even he manages to make the mechanism. They keep their adjustment longer too!


David is well worth the air fare from Norway and I heartily recommend him as a repairer of the very highest quality


Peter Facer
Co-Principal Oboe of the Britten Sinfonia

I would highly recommend David as a repairer. He always repairs my oboe exceedingly well, and is particularly good at regulating the instrument, so the sealing is bottle-tight: this is vital for oboes!

There are a lot of overpriced woodwind repair shops in London, but David isn't one of them. His prices are always reasonable and honest. I always take my oboe for a check-up whenever I'm back in the UK

Knut Thorbjørnsen
Principal bassoon
Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra

David had my Püchner bassoon for an overhaul this summer. He has done excellent work! The bassoon works fantastic now. I was met with kindness and very good service in his repair studio in the garden. The price was also very reasonable and I will recommend his work to any woodwind player, amateur or professional.

Frank Walden

I can't thank you enough for the overhaul. The transformation is total; the action utterly smooth and consistent, and the horn whispers right down to bottom Bb. You've brought the instrument back to life! And rekindled my love of playing alto.

Andy Findon
I recently had a precious (platinum) flute, which had an unfortunate accident. As David was swamped under with work, I took it to a Central London repairer who could do the work quickly for me. As it was going through my insurance company, i agreed to his estimate of £500, which was duly settled by the insurance. Unfortunately, there were immediately problems with the instrument, which even after a return visit were not resolved or diagnosed by the repairer. I subsequently booked it in with David for a period when I was abroad (using an alternative flute). He called me at Heathrow, just as I was boarding a long haul flight and told me exactly what he had found wrong with it. I was very surprised to discover exactly what had and, more importantly had not been done! The subsequent work carried out by David, over several hours, has brought the flute into a condition it had never previously attained and remains in to this day.

Dan Forshaw

Award winning saxophonist & Saxophone tutor for Cambridge University 

Dan ForshawJust a note to say thank you so much for the repair on my Mark VI.  Your willingness to help, speed of service and above all the quality of your repair are a testament to your character and skill as a craftsman.  I would have no hesitation in recommending you, and I will be in touch for any future repairs or servicing that I require.





Dan Foster

I’ve been very grateful to have my instruments repaired by David for many years now. He’s busy for a reason: he always does a great job, is fairly priced and is a lovely chap to boot!




J Burton

Grenadier Guards Band

Having taken my Soulsby bassoon to a well-known Repair shop several times over the years, a colleague suggested trying out David (I wasn’t always convinced of the quality of workmanship and costs involved of previous repairers).


I thoroughly recommend David Fingerhut for woodwind repairs. 


Not only did my bassoon come back with a new lease of life, but the price of the full service was also a mere fifth of the previous repairers!


Thankyou David for your fantastic work and advice, see you again soon.

Deborah Karpatkin
New York, USA

On a recent trip to England, I discovered that my flute had a problem with its G# key, rendering it unplayable. I was referred to David, who very kindly allowed me to parachute immediately into his very full diary for an emergency repair. He fixed the G# key and identified and addressed some other problems.  David would now be my go-to person for flute repairs – if only my flute and I lived in England!

David Barrows
saxophonist / composer

I had a problem with my Selmer Mark VI tenor saxophone:  the left hand particularly was very noisy, with metallic clanking noises that were driving me crazy.  The action was clunky, and these noises were clearly audible on recordings and during live playing.  I went to a large London shop who told me "that's just the way those vintage horns are."  I then heard through a fellow musician about David Fingerhut.  He kindly booked me in at short notice,  and in less than an hour he had completely taken apart the left-hand stack, oiled the rods, put new cork and felt on all the noisy parts, re-worked other parts around the right hand, and in the end, it was like a brand new instrument.  Now it plays like a dream; the action is completely quiet and smooth, and the repair job has completely transformed the playing experience, where the horn is a pure joy to play.  I highly recommend Mr. Fingerhut for any of your woodwind repair needs.  He is a master craftsman who truly cares about the quality of his work

Adam Davy

David Fingerhut can perform miracles with any repair work. He overhauled my alto sax four years ago and to this day it has barely needed adjusting. From taking time to double check everything is bedded in, to dealing with emergencies in a swift manner within a record breaking turnaround. I trust David fully with my Saxophones. David houses a one stop shop, having anything from a spring replaced, to a full overhaul, to fixing a snapped key, a one stop shop hosted by one of the finest repairman in the UK. 


Some of the artists Adam Davy has worked with: Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman, Mick Taylor, Dave Green, Ben Waters, Jools Holland, Mungo Jerry, Kiki Dee, John Dankworth. 

Annie Jones 


David has such a talent - he worked his magic on my oboe and it is playing beautifully. Better than ever! 


Mark Hardy


"Repair Brilliance"
I recently took my ailing clarinet to David. It is playing better now than ever before.
At last I’ve found the repair man my clarinets deserve and need. Also, his fees are totally reasonable - - and he’s a very nice guy

David Johnston


Once again I have had simply wonderful service in my hour of need. A year of lockdown caused havoc with my clarinets. Albena’s superb workmanship followed by your final checks have combined for me to play Janacek’s Mladi without worrying about whether the instrument would respond to the technical demands of the music. Our fifty year relationship continues!

Cameron Williams


As a student studying abroad coming home for the holidays, it is often a convenient time to get my clarinets checked over. Not all London repairers are alike, however! Upon taking my instruments to a reputable London dealership a while ago, I was told that the work that I wanted done was unnecessary, with them insisting instead on fixing things with which I did not find fault. The result was instruments with which I was not completely happy and an outrageous bill. Most irritated, I came across David’s website on the train home, read his testimonials, and decided that the next time I needed something done, I would give him a call. This I duly did and, after picking up my instruments yesterday, I can only speak to the accuracy of all of the wonderful comments on this site. David is a kind, patient man interested only in doing good work. He is attentive and patient, making a point of understanding exactly what you want, and takes pride in carrying out sterling work. At a fair price, my instruments play as new. It isn’t the last time these instruments will pass over his work desk!